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we welcome you to investigate Eagle Literary Foundation.

"There is no consolation except in truth alone"

-Blaise pascal (1623-1662)

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welcome to eagle literary foundation

You can discover how to live the wholesome life for which we are all intended.

Do you have a sensing that, beyond this routine of everyday living Something Else must exist? 
If you do, we welcome you to investigate Eagle Literary Foundation. It will give you the clues you need for finding the wisdom which leads to healthier, happier living! 

If you are bothered by life’s accepted standard of ordinary living and feel there is something missing, you are not alone. Eagle Literary Foundation intertwines the rare threads of true wisdom from various sources, which are becoming more and more uncommon, to encourage them to become a real living strength within.It helps individuals become teachable by something other than the inner nature that now leads our life. All are encouraged in many ways to apply higher wisdom so inner change may occur.

Eagle Literary Foundation is a tax deductible, non-profit foundation. No one at Eagle Literary Foundation receives one cent as compensation. All our work is done on a voluntary basis for the love of spreading these wonderfully healing principles.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Mark L. Butler

Founder, Eagle Literary Foundation

Eagle Literary Foundation was founded by Mark Butler when moving to Eagle, Idaho from Boulder City, Nevada in 1994. At very early ages both Mark questioned the so-called standard of ordinary living, bothered by its lack of real, lasting solidity and security. Mark says, “The Foundation is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life to understand how to lead inwardly healthier, happier, and stress free lives.”

Over the past 20 years Mark has authored several articles and has spoken at seminars throughout the United States.

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eagle literary foundation in the media

“The Eagle Literary Foundation has become a way for people from Boise and Western Ada County to meet and discuss topics as grand as the meaning of life and as relevant as how to cope with anger in traffic congestion.”
Valley Times Interview with Mark Butler:

“What we are trying to do is break habitual behaviors, but first there has to be an awareness of being pained or at a dead end before there is a genuine incentive to break them. If we are satisfied with subduing our pain by becoming one of the many ‘holics,’ that is, a workaholic, an alcoholic, or even a spiritual-aholic, there’s no valid interest in finding out about our inner-self so as to experience the inwardly free and happy life we were intended to live.

We practice, for example, breaking the nagging thoughts that take over and won’t let us sleep. Or as an exercise, we take a week and watch for painful emotions like anger and we deliberately work to ‘Catch and Break’, catch a thought or emotion and break it, drop it.

The whole purpose is to live more happily and healthfully.”

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